Within this activity, the 30 selected target groups will be theoretically and practically prepared to offer the innovative social service - subject of this project as assistants to disabled tourists. For this purpose, the following actions will be taken:

1. Conducting two specialized trainings in the field of social service and one training to improve the presentation and communication skills of the persons. The parameters and modules of each training will be as follows:

2. Visiting a place in Zagreb, Croatia to the persons from the target group from Rila Municipality - after successfully passing through the three training courses, the persons will have the opportunity to receive practical training and exchange of experience with the project partner. The trainees will see in practice how the service provides accessible tourism through assistants to disabled tourists. For this purpose, the persons in the target group will be posted to Zagreb, Croatia, and will be able to use the entire base of the Urugua Association for the care and mentoring of an expert on the part of the partner. For the purpose of the project, the association will provide, besides technical resources and expert assistance, also an interpreter who will accompany the group all the time.