The organization and management of the project will be carried out by a dedicated project team, including a supervisor, coordinator and accountant. The aim is to manage the project, coordinate the work of the project management team, and keep track of the implementation of the project. All the envisaged positions in the project are the result of the Beneficiary's assessment of its needs for the nature and scale of the activity. The intended positions are not duplicated in any way, with different and specific duties and responsibilities planned for each team member. The work of each representative of the team will contribute to the achievement of the general and specific objectives of the project as well as to the achievement of the envisaged indicators. The Beneficiary will conclude contracts / additional agreements with the persons, with a job / job description for the performance of the post assigned for each individual position. Throughout the duration of the project, the project team will hold team meetings to discuss the current implementation, possible difficulties and problems in the implementation of the project. I will prepare reports on the project (as required by the Managing Authority), monitoring the achievement of the set indicators. The team will prepare interim technical and financial reports and a final technical and financial report will be prepared at the end of the project. The team monitors the precise design of all applicable documents, as instructed in the Beneficiaries' Guide to the Scheme.
The Project Manager, Coordinator and Accountant of the project will be involved in the project management. The working relationship with the persons will be regulated in accordance with the guidelines for application under the scheme - in accordance with the Methodology for Regulation of Remunerations under the Operational Program "Human Resources Development 2014-2020". The documentation necessary for the management and reporting of the project activities will be created and maintained in the ways and deadlines specified by the Bulgarian and Community legislation. All documents will be prepared, maintained and used in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. The main duties of the team are as follows:

The cost of the project management team is set in b. Fees for organization and management of the project and is 10% of the cost of the direct costs of the project.
Outcome: Successful implementation of the planned activities, achievement of the set indicators. Validating the principle of teamwork in project implementation and management. A team of three persons directly responsible for the implementation of the project was formed.