All activities that Rila Municipality will undertake to promote the project are in line with the Single Beneficiary's Guide to Implementing the Information and Communication Rules 2014-2020. The aim of the activity is to inform the stakeholders and the local community about the activities, objectives and results achieved in the project, creating publicity and transparency of the planned activities. The necessary costs that will be used for the creation and production of materials and activities promoting the project and directly related to the implementation of the publicity and transparency commitments in the implementation of the project have been calculated according to the Grant Application Guide. The funds are planned to provide the following materials and public activities - 200 information brochures, 1 pc. an information plate and two information events / press conferences / for the ongoing implementation of the project. All the information and communication measures undertaken by the beneficiary will explicitly indicate the financing of the operation by the EU funds by:


In quantitative terms, the results of the publicity and visualization activities were: 200 information brochures on the project, an information plate and two press press conferences for the local community and stakeholders.