This project will help Rila Municipality to implement new social policies aimed at addressing major demographic and social problems-to improve opportunities in the labor market and to increase social inclusion.The project aims to create conditions to promote the service accessible tourism for people with disabilities in Rila Municipality and to prepare and train individuals in the target group to work as personal assistants and guides for tourists with disabilities.The project will include 30 people from the target group- economically inactive and unemployed people who are interested to be trained as assistants for travelers with disabilities.The promotion of these services and opportunities for tourism as a special tourism product will improve access to employment for persons and will create additional value for the local population.

For the introduction of social innovation in the field of accessible tourism we will use the best practices and know-how that our international partner from Croatia-Association Udruga Zamisli will provide. Transfer and introduction of social innovation will be done by the following activities: Project organization and management; Information and publicity; Exploring best practices and adapting to the needs of Rila Municipality of social innovation; Increasing the capacity of partners and stakeholders to implement in practice the identified best practices and innovative approaches; Promotion of the innovative service Accessible tourism in the municipality of Rila by assistants of travelers with disabilities; Evaluation of the objectives and results of the project. Besides the positive impact on the labor market by creating conditions for further employment, the project will have additional social effect aimed at social inclusion and integration of people with disabilities, as tourism is an excellent method for medico- social and psychological rehabilitation of persons with physical disabilities.

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