The overall objective of the project is to improve the access to employment and social inclusion of disadvantaged unemployed and inactive people on the labor market in Rila Municipality by adapting and introducing an innovative service for offering accessible tourism in Rila- Assistants to disabled tourists . The specific objectives for achieving the overall objective of the project are:

  • to explore in detail the good practices and know-how available to partner organizations through workshops to exchange experiences and ideas;
  • to be identified and motivated to include in the project 30 persons from the target group - unemployed and inactive people in a disadvantaged position on the labor market;
  • to improve the qualification and competencies of the target group for offering the specialized tourist service "Assistant to Disabled Tourists" by conducting three specialized trainings and organizing an on-site visit to the project partner for the acquisition of practical skills and experience;
  • to promote and disseminate among stakeholders the applied good practices and introduced social innovation through a series of marketing initiatives.