The evaluation of the achieved results will trace the link between the objectives set in the project and its actual implementation. The evaluation will follow the following parameters in practice:
• Monitoring the achievement of project goals and results, as well as their relevance to meeting the needs of the target group;
• Particularities in the implementation of the planned activities and their relation with the goals and the achieved results of the project;
• Efficiency and efficiency of the projected costs in terms of objectives, activities and results achieved.
In order to achieve maximum objectivity and impartiality, this activity will be carried out by an external contractor following a selection procedure for a contractor in compliance with the applicable Bulgarian legislation.
The overall objective of the evaluation will be to measure the effectiveness of the previous project activities implemented and the extent to which the objectives are achieved. At the same time, it will also assess the success of the project's financial management in terms of the costs incurred in the project budget, the effectiveness and efficiency of the expert team and the project management and organization team.
The assessment will follow the evaluation principles and approaches, with the participation of target communities and direct users of the implemented activities. A substantial share of the collected information will cover the opinions, comments and shared practical experience of the participants from the target group, as well as the funders and the stakeholders involved in the organizations of people with disabilities and tour operators.
The conclusions and conclusions of the evaluation of the effectiveness of the project activities will be summarized in a detailed report and will be used to identify specific proposals and recommendations that will help to increase the overall impact and impact of the project.


  • An objective assessment of the project's implementation from point of view of the objectives set and the results achieved
  • Receive feedback on project satisfaction from target groups and stakeholders
  • Identified concrete proposals and recommendations that will help to increase the overall impact and impact of the project.