In essence, the action envisages implementing measures that will also allow other interested organizations and institutions to benefit from the experience and established good practices from Rila Municipality and the partner organization. To promote good examples and achievements, the following initiatives will be taken:

1. Development of an Internet site for accessible tourism in the Rila Municipality will be interactive and will provide information about the natural and cultural attractions in the municipality, places for accommodation and meals with access for people with disabilities, information about the trained guides for people with disabilities / e-business cards, adult and disabled travel packages, and other modules. The portal will provide opportunities for online booking of a disability visitor assistant, depending on the type of disability of the tourist, his needs or interests. The information will be bilingual - in Bulgarian and English, so it will also be available to interested persons from abroad, which will expand the target group of users of the service. A mobile application will also be developed. The selected web portal developer will have the task to perform the necessary activities to promote and optimize its positioning on the Internet through SEO optimization. In addition to promoting the project's website, active marketing will take place in social networks - making and managing a Facebook page of the service.

2. Organization of a large-scale event for the presentation of the new service to the interested parties - a Forum for the presentation of the new service to the stakeholders and a Demonstration Tour will be organized. The event will be organized for representatives of organizations of people with disabilities, tour operators and journalists from national and regional media. Within one day the stakeholders will be presented the activities that have been realized within the framework of the project, the innovative service offered by Rila Municipality will be discussed and the target group members trained under the project will be presented. Together with the trained guides of the guests will be organized a demonstration tour on the places and sights for people with disabilities on the route Rila Monastery - Kirilova Polyana. In the "Kirilova Polyana" area, in Rila Monastery Nature Park, there is a 1.5 km long eco-trail for people with disabilities. Special pavement and low slope make it easier for people with special needs to reach nature. The organizing of a demonstration tour will include 15 representatives of organizations for people with disabilities, 15 tour operators and 6 journalists for 1 day, as the event will provide food and transportation to the participants. At the event all participants will receive a package of information and promotional materials.

3. Preparation of advertising materials in specialized editions for recreation and tourism - the activity includes the elaboration of the following materials:

  • Preparation of a tourist brochure - the offered service will be presented along with the opportunities for accessible tourism, tourist eco-trail for people with disabilities, the Rila Monastery. The activity includes design, prepress, printing. Format A4; 1 page, 2 folds, colorful (4 + 4); paper - 130 g gloss, Contents - photos and text
  • Production of 2 promotional videos and their broadcasting in specialized TV channels and on the project site and the Municipality. The presentation package will be sent to Bulgarian and foreign media that are thematic on tourism - Tourism TV, Travel Channel, Travel Television, etc. Made in an advertising box and published in specialized online tourist guides.
  • Elaboration and placement of 2 billboards - the two deviations from the highway for Rila, which will present the opportunities for accessible tourism in Rila Municipality


Created and optimized specialized website with information about the Accessible Tourism service in Rila Municipality through assistants for disabled tourists
Made a facebook page of the innovative service
Organized large-scale information event to present the new service to the parties involved
Prepared advertising material of the service - 2000 brochures, 2 promotional video clips and 1 advertising box, 2 billboards
Wide dissemination and popularization of the innovative service "Accessible tourism in Rila Municipality through assistants of tourists with disabilities"