Within this activity, the 30 selected target groups will be theoretically and practically prepared to offer the innovative social service - subject of this project as assistants to disabled tourists. For this purpose, the following actions will be taken:

1. Conducting two specialized trainings in the field of social service and one training to improve the presentation and communication skills of the persons. The parameters and modules of each training will be as follows:

  • practical training for social assistant / Care for the elderly and children with disabilities / - Assistants will learn basic health care techniques for children and adults with various disabilities, first aid, psychological approaches to working with people with special needs and etc. The form of training will be a qualification course for a part of a Social Worker's work with at least 90 hours of work.
  • Practical training for guides will be provided with vocational training for part of the profession "Guides" - the students will get acquainted with the basic concepts and principles of tourism, social psychology and tourism behavior, the structure of the tourist industry: carriers, accommodation and shelter, tourist attractions, intermediaries in tourism; Laws and regulations regulating tourist activity; Sanitary hygiene requirements for working in the tourism industry; Guided tours and service. The training will include at least 45 hours of theoretical training and 45 hours of practical training.
  • Training on key competencies to improve communication and presentation skills - guided services are related to the presentation of a great deal of information, so it is very important for people to be able to communicate and present information in an attractive way and at a good professional level. The main focus of the training will be on defining the interests of the audience and on flexibly building the way the information is presented; developing attitude towards the body's own language. After performance analysis, individual guidelines will be given to improve the communication skills of each participant. The training will be entirely practical and with a minimum of 30 subjects. o'clock.

2. Visiting a place in Zagreb, Croatia to the persons from the target group from Rila Municipality - after successfully passing through the three training courses, the persons will have the opportunity to receive practical training and exchange of experience with the project partner. The trainees will see in practice how the service provides accessible tourism through assistants to disabled tourists. For this purpose, the persons in the target group will be posted to Zagreb, Croatia, and will be able to use the entire base of the Urugua Association for the care and mentoring of an expert on the part of the partner. For the purpose of the project, the association will provide, besides technical resources and expert assistance, also an interpreter who will accompany the group all the time.


  • Enhancement of the qualifications and competences of the target group by conducting trainings in three areas: Social Assistant / Care for the Elderly and Disabled Children; for guided tours and for improving presentation and communication skills
  • Visit to exchange experience and good practices and acquired practical skills for providing the "disability assistant"