As a first step in the implementation of the project on transfer and introduction of social innovation is to study in detail the good practices and know-how available to our international partner from Croatia - Udruga Puzzleli Association. Since 2005 The Association works for the benefit of people with disabilities and has successfully launched initiatives to develop new tourism products and activities specifically targeted at people with disabilities. In partnership with local tourist centers, the association trains and prepares volunteers to accompany tourists with limited mobility as their personal assistants and local guides. Due to the special conditions created for the disabled and the elderly, the number of visits to recreation and tourism in Zagreb has increased considerably in recent years, which in turn has led to the creation of new jobs and raising the living standard of the local population.
Given that Rila Municipality has favorable conditions for tourism development and tourism is a priority sector for the region, we believe that this successful practice of our partner can be used and adapted to the needs of Rila Municipality. The work on exploring good practice and adapting social innovation will go through the following stages:

  • A team of two experts will be appointed by the leading organization Rila Municipality, which will be responsible for the implementation of all activities related to the implementation of social innovation - the working relationship with the persons will be arranged according to the guidelines for applying under the scheme - in compliance with the Regulation Methodology of the remuneration under the Human Resources Development Operational Program 2014 2020 will be included in the job descriptions of the employees to the implementation of the project activities to be assigned additional agreement to the contract or order award with clearly stipulated duties and responsibilities of individuals and specified number of projects. As a place of implementation of all the activities under the project, the team will use the built Tourist Information Center at Rila Municipality. As the Tourist Center does not have additional available equipment for the expert team, the following equipment will be purchased for the administrative needs of the project staff: 1 pc. multifunctional device (printer, scanner, copier), 2 PCs with operating system and office package, 2 mobile phones, 2 pcs. desk with office chair
  • Conducting a co-ordinated joint study of the practices applied in the field of accessible tourism for people with disabilities in Bulgaria and Croatia will be carried out jointly with the partner organization. For this purpose, the Rila Municipality expert team will be seconded to the partner where workshops with local experts will take place. Employees from Rila Municipality will know how to apply the policies on accessible tourism for people with disabilities and how to implement the Assisted Tourism for People with Disabilities service.
  • Preparation of analyzes and recommendations for adaptation of the social innovation in the municipality - after the on-site visit and the exchange of experience, the expert team will prepare a detailed analysis with the possibilities of applying the idea of ​​accessible tourism in Rila Municipality through assistants of tourists with disabilities.
  • Selection of representatives of the target group to be trained and offering the innovative service - 30 persons from the target group under IP 1 will be identified: economically inactive persons, outside education and training, incl. discouraged persons; jobseekers and disadvantaged groups on the labor market. The selection of the persons will be carried out by the expert team, as all the persons in the target group from the municipality will be invited to attend the opening press conference to present the project and to get acquainted with the activities and the objectives and then have the opportunity to declare their interest within a certain period of time for inclusion in the project.


  • Assigned expert team on the project by two persons - employees of Rila Municipality
  • Purchased equipment and furnishings for the expert team needed to implement the project activities as follows: 1 pc. multifunctional device (printer, scanner, copier), 2 PCs with operating system and office package, 2 mobile phones, 2 pcs. desk with office chair
  • Sending the expert team to the partner municipality to study good practices and exchange experiences
  • Prepared 1 pcs. Analysis of the possibilities for applying the idea of ​​accessible tourism in Rila Municipality through assistants of disabled tourists
  • Identified and selected 30 persons from the project target group who will be prepared for assistants of disabled tourists