The creation of the eco-trail "The Old Railways" is a stage of the implementation of the general idea for the implementation of the project "Improving the offered tourist services in order to preserve the biodiversity on the territory of the Rila Monastery Nature Park.

In essence, the joint project, which has been conceptually developed by nature park specialists, aims to create eco-routes close to the four main tourist complexes on the territory of the nature park. The eco-trails offer conditions for rest and tourism to the visitors in the mentioned complexes and through interpretative methods - provoking the visitor's attitude towards the environment.

The eco-route is situated along the river Rilska, the former trail of the Decikolka for the Rila Monastery and is designed to serve the visitors in the restaurants and rest facilities located in the areas of Eleshnitsa and Yagniloto.

The cognitive element of this route is related to the historical development of the area from 1903 (the beginning of the Balaban concession) to the end of the exploitation of the line as economically unprofitable in 1960. The ecopath is interesting with its variety of tree and shrub species characteristic of the natural the park and the valley of the Rilska River, as well as almost all the fauna. The eco-trail is equipped with recreation areas, fire-places, benches and culverts, which add to the emotional delight of the visitors.

Suitable for people with severe physical disabilities is part of the route. Access to vehicles is available.