The beginning of the route starts at the eastern end of Kirilova Polyana. Many of the priority species for conservation in Rila Monastery Nature Park are rare or threatened, and sensitive to the ever more aggressive human impact and presence. These include Rheum rhaponticum and Rila Primula deorum, which are found in the park. Rheum rhaponticum is one of the local endemics in Rila, included in the Bulgarian and European list of rare and endangered species, as well as in the Red Book of Bulgaria.

Both are conservation priorities and have been selected as the main cognitive element of this route. From the point of view of tourism, and especially of the current tendencies in demand and supply, the most specialized products are based on the interpretation of specific objects, which offer sufficient attractiveness, interest and respectively motivation of a wider range of tourists to prefer them.

On the way you can see: the exclusive landscapes of the valley of the Rilska River, the clear Ribni lakes, the natural habitats of the valuable plant species Rheum rhaponticum and the yellow gentian deposits, the symbol of the Rila Primula Nature Park and more many species included in the Red Data Book of the Republic of Bulgaria and under the Protection of the Biological Diversity Act. Suitable for people with mild physical disabilities.